How we work

Our Culture

There’s something special about working in Wigan. Ask anyone and you’ll hear the same words being used time and time again ­– friendly, empowering, supportive, positive, welcoming, challenging, fun. And these words come up so often because they really do capture what working in Wigan is like.

Most of all, people who work here do so to ‘make a difference’. Whether that’s making a difference to someone’s life today, or changing things for the better for the future, you know that when you work in adult social care in Wigan, you will truly impact people’s lives every single day.

There’s also the side of our culture that is about innovating, taking opportunities, developing new ideas. We don’t sit on our laurels, doing things the way they’ve always been done. If we think something can be improved, we’re all empowered to do that. Everyone’s ideas are respected, work is recognised and trying out something new is positively encouraged.

How we work

Asset-based approach

Our Asset-based approach underpins our collective commitment to supporting people to be able to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives in their local communities.  It really is how we do things here in Wigan:

  • We explore different conversations with residents to better understand individual strengths, gifts and talents and value the person.
  • We really get to know the community and connect people to local organisations, support networks and communities with shared interests, passions and skills.
  • We expect our staff to embody the Team Wigan Behaviour with the right attitude and behaviours. We start this with value-based recruitment looking for kind, caring and compassionate people who give their best everyday.
  • We give permission and freedom to try new things, make a difference and liberate staff to deliver creative and innovative options that help people to live enjoyable and fulfilled lives.
  • Working together in neighbourhoods, our teams work alongside partner agencies in smaller localities, getting to know each other better and work collaboratively with a shared commitment to each other and the people we support.

Working in partnership

As a Council we work very closely with our health and care partners. We're one big team working to ensure residents are living their best lives.

Much of Adult Social Care is provided by carefully selected partner organisations who share out values and approach. The ethical providers are commissioned by us to provide care services such as home care, supported living and care homes and are often working closest to local people receiving care and support. They are key to achieving our ambitions and making a difference to people’s lives.

Our Values

Our Team Wigan behaviours underpin everything we do. We take a values-based approach to interviewing which focuses on you, who you are and what you like. We're keen to see you bring your skills, experience, and often life experience, along with your big heart and your desire to help others.

From how we talk to each other and how we work, to the way we support our people to flourish, thrive and fulfil their potential. Wigan is a unique place to work. We give you the permission to do things differently, spend time getting to know the people you're supporting and what's important to them so that you can support them to live the life they wish.

The Deal 2030

The Deal 2030 is at the heart of everything we do. This exciting and ambitious strategy was formed from the views of thousands of Wigan Borough residents.

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