BeWigan behaviours

How we do things in Wigan is just as important as what we do.

Our BeWigan behaviours underpin everything we do. From how we talk to each other and how we work, to the way we support our children and families to flourish, thrive and fulfil their potential.

Our four BeWigan behaviours are:

  • Be Positive - Take pride in all that you do, take time to support develop yourself and others
  • Be Accountable - Be responsible for making things better, help to enable change and support improvement
  • Be Courageous - Be open to doing things differently, work collaboratively with others
  • Be Kind - Be helpful, generous and thoughtful towards yourself and others.

Our manager behaviours

Our social care leaders are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. As well as supporting our social care staff to provide the best possible help and support to our children and families, we also lead through our BeWigan manager behaviours. These behaviour are:

  • Inspire - Lead by example and help others to see the bigger picture
  • Care - Show genuine concern for people as individuals and value their contribution
  • Engage - Connect with others both within and beyond the organisation.

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