What do our staff say?

Here in Wigan, we value everyone and will support your ambition and growth throughout your career.

This is what colleagues have to say about working in our teams.

Case Studies

Fran and Heather

Fran and Heather are Occupational Therapists at Wigan Council. Here they have a conversation about what that involves and what they love about their jobs.

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Zee is a Social Care Officer at Wigan Council, working mainly with patients in hospital and putting the support in place to get them home safely. Here he outlines what it’s like working at the Council and what he gets out of this important role.

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Billy is a Service Manager within Adult Provider Services, leading on some of the Council’s direct service provision for adults with disabilities. Here he explains how he got into adult health and social care.

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Fran and Heather


“For everything we do, there’s a person at the end of it who’s benefiting from something that we're doing. That sense of purpose is key; whether frontline or back office, your job has purpose. And then that sense of achievement when things are going well, it just makes a difference knowing we’re making a difference.”

Caroline, Programme Manager, Adult Social Care and Health

“We take a real person-centred approach – it’s not about box ticking a number of visits but about people’s interests and what appeals to them.”

Katherine, Social Worker - Advanced Practitioner

“There is a real passion. Not only for supporting people, but working in a strength-based way here in Wigan. The Deal principles are part of our embedded values and they are really important. The values and behaviours that exist here are key to working in Wigan, and feeling that passion and feeling supported. We deal with a lot of complex people – whether with physical, mental health, psychological, emotional issues. We’re here as a way of navigating and helping that person to enable them to support themselves. And when someone can't do that, we do that on their behalf – we care and we always do things in the best way possible.”

Mark, Service Manager, Hospital Discharge & Principal Social Work Adult Lead 

“If you've got the right way of thinking, the right energy, the right work ethic and you really care about making a difference to people's lives there will be a role for you. Those are skills that you can't easily learn or pick up, and we want to work with people who've got those skills in abundance all day long!”

Andrea, Enhanced Service Manager - Provider Management and Market Development

“I have met some great people during my time at Wigan, whether that be colleagues, managers or service users. Some have inspired me, some have made me challenge and reflect on my own personal and professional development, helping me grow. I have had numerous development opportunities over the years including NVQs in Customer Care, Promoting Independence and Health and Social Care, and then my Social Work Degree. Throughout my career I have also been able to focus on my family life, due their flexible family policy. I was able to change my working hours when I had my son and had the best of both worlds. I have never missed a sports day, award ceremony or school play and for that I am truly grateful.”

Lindsey, Social Worker

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