Health protection services

Our health protection services can provide advice and information on infection prevention and control.

We can also provide assistance in emergency civil contingency situations (such as major incidents, flooding, natural disasters etc).

What we do

  • Provide information and advice about infections and immunisation procedures
  • Deal with infectious disease outbreaks in the community, such as measles and meningitis
  • Advise and support establishments, such as nurseries, schools and care homes, with diarrhoea and vomiting outbreaks
  • Carry out infection control audits at various establishments, including nurseries, care homes, body piercers and tattooists
  • Provide practical assistance during a civil contingencies emergency, such as arranging temporary shelter if you have to evacuate your home, following a major gas leak/explosion or severe flooding.

How to get help

If you think you may need help, contact us and give details of your enquiry. Depending on the information you give, we will either:

  • Give you immediate advice and information
  • Ring you back with advice and information, when we have investigated further
  • Redirect you to a more appropriate source to deal with your enquiry, if we are not able to help.

Advice and information provided by us is free of charge. However, there may be a charge for any treatment/services that you may need, as a result of the advice you are given. You will be told more about this at the time, if it applies to your enquiry.

Help outside normal office hours

If you have an urgent infection prevention and control enquiry outside normal office hours, which cannot wait until we are available, please phone NHS 111.

For assistance with emergency civil contingency enquiries outside normal office hours, please call 01942 404040.

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