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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the way we live. Digital technology has become an essential part of everyday life, allowing us to stay connected with loved ones, shop for food, supplies and medicine, and access online information so we can sustain good mental and physical wellbeing.

However, the more vulnerable and less digitally aware are being left behind. We want to help you support less digitally confident friends, family and neighbours to get online and socialise with others.

Providing digital support over the phone

With strict new measures requiring people to stay at home, we encourage you to offer digital support over the phone. Remember to:

  • Take things at a steady pace - Check out step by step online guides such as Citizen Online (external link) or Digital Unite (external link)
  • Practice what has been learned - E.g. after going through the basics of making a video why not try making and receiving calls
  • Be patient - The biggest barrier to learning digital skills is confidence. Reassure them that making mistakes is ok and it’s how we all learn.

Online digital learning

Online learning platforms are a great way to help the less digitally savvy improve their digital skills.

How to help someone who is struggling to book a delivery slot for online shopping

If you know someone vulnerable who is struggling to book a delivery slot for their online shop, guidance and services that can help include:

Steer clear of misleading or ‘fake’ news

Encourage people to steer clear of coronavirus myths circulating online, particularly through social media. Up-to-date and accurate information can be found on the:

If you don’t have mobile data, access to NHS services online will be free (external link) while the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is ongoing.

How can I support people without access to technology?

Initiatives such as  postcards to help self-isolating neighbours request life essentials such as shopping, urgent supplies or a social interaction through a friendly phone call.

How to look after your mental wellbeing

Tell us how you’re beating social isolation through digital

There are some truly inspirational stories emerging that show how with a bit of love, kindness and digital know-how, we can beat social isolation.

We want to hear your stories so you can inspire others - share your stories @WiganCouncil (external link) using the hashtag #DigitalWigan.


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