Digital strategy

Our digital strategy sets out our ambitions for how the Council’s future digital services should be designed, sourced and delivered over the next five years.

At Wigan we are passionate about our residents, businesses and workforce. Following the pandemic and as part of our recovery, we need to champion how important digital is and build back with a stronger focus on supporting health and wellbeing, and exploring how digital can make our places a cleaner, greener borough.

Digital skills play a vital role in today’s world, and we need to ensure that our residents have the digital skills and confidence to thrive. Digital is seen as many things:

  • How we connect socially with friends and family
  • How we transact and do our shopping online
  • Catching up on the daily news.

The next 5 years

Technology continues to move at an astonishing pace. We've listened to our residents, businesses and workforce when designing the strategy to ensure we're focussing on the things that make a difference as we move towards 2030, supporting our Deal ambitions.

In the next five years, digital transformation will enhance the lives of our residents and improve the places that we live and work.

We want to improve the connectivity across the borough by making sure:

  • People can access a wide range of digital learning, skills and educational resources
  • Businesses can connect with each other and develop opportunities to grow their market
  • People can access health and wellbeing services across the borough
  • All our residents and businesses can interact digitally with our key services.

Our Pledges

Our digital strategy is underpinned by 4 key pledges that we're committed to delivering on.

  • Digital one: Transforming the way we work as a councilDigital OneThis pledge is about how we work as a council. We want to re-imagine the workplace and consider how we're utilising the best in-house technology and digital practices to transform the way we work, improve our use of data, and maximise our opportunities.
  • Digital two: Transforming how our services work for residentsDigital TwoThis pledge is about how our services work for residents. We want to shape service delivery that doesn't just focus on technology, but aims to understand business processes and what services need to deliver digital tools that improve the customer experience.
  • Digital three: Fully digitally enabledDigital ThreeThis pledge focusses on digital exclusion and skills, innovation for businesses and employment opportunities to ensure everyone is fully digitally enabled. We want to empower our communities by providing a pathway to education, economic, social and financial benefits and supporting them to live happier healthier lives.
  • Digital four: Transforming the places we live and work and promoting community wealth and healthDigital FourThis pledge is about connecting our residents to fulfilling roles in the digital world and promoting community wealth building. Whether it’s job opportunities, new skills, or the chance to run their own businesses, there are many digital opportunities for business and employment growth and we want to make the most of that.

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