Digital Communities Partnership

In today’s world, it's vital that everyone has digital skills for life and work. The Digital Communities Partnership is a group of local community organisations offering a variety of courses and learning opportunities for all age ranges across Wigan borough.

We want to ensure our community has the digital access, opportunity, and skills they need to thrive. 

Our community partners

Join the Digital Communities Partnership

If you're a local organisation or group that wants to help residents gain essential digital skills to flourish in life, then why not consider joining us?

You don’t need to be a digital expert or an IT professional. Like most community organisations, you're probably providing digital support to our Wigan Borough residents every day without even realising. Organisations delivering this kind of support are ideally placed to become Digital Communities Partners.

Partners come together each quarter for a virtual meeting, where they have the opportunity to tackle digital exclusion together through the sharing of knowledge, collaborative working, and the development of digital strategies.

Our Digital Communities Partnership Deal

We both play a part in this partnership. By joining us you'll have access to a wide range of digital support and opportunities and through our collaboration with you we'll be able to engage with a wider audience.

Together we will...
Our PartYour Part
Auditing your organisation’s digital skills and access to bespoke training to support the development of your staff and volunteers' digital skills Attend quarterly virtual meetings and work collaboratively to tackle digital exclusion in the borough
Improving your social media strategy and web page design and accessibility Register your organisation as a UK Online Centre (external link), which comes with networking and training opportunities, access to the free online learning platform 'Learn My Way', bespoke data management tools, and access to funding and grants
Promotion of your organisation from Wigan Council’s digital pages Your digital learning output and outcomes will feed into Wigan’s Digital Inclusion Evaluation framework
Training and technologies to help your volunteers lead coding sessions for young people and adults  

How to join

To join the Digital Communities Partnership you will need to:


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