Tablet lending library

The tablet lending library aims to bridge the digital divide by helping local organisations and professionals connect digitally excluded adults to a free tablet device with data.

The scheme also makes multiple tablet devices available to loan for projects run by partner organisations looking to deliver their own digital inclusion projects.

What you need to consider when referring an individual to loan a tablet device

Local organisations or professionals can refer known adults to loan tablet devices. Loan requests are not means tested, but before you refer an individual for a tablet device, we simply ask you to consider the following:

  • Whether the person is experiencing digital exclusion
  • Whether access to a tablet device could help improve their quality of life
  • You will agree to assist with the returning of the tablet after the loan period has expired.

For more information on digital inclusion you can visit:

What criteria needs to be met to access a project loan?

For local organisations looking to deliver their own digital inclusion projects we simply ask two things:

  • Your organisation becomes a member of the Digital Communities Partnership
  • Your project is fully evaluated, and the outcomes are shared with the Digital Communities Partnership
  • You accept full responsibility for the safe return of the tablets when the loan period has expired.

Wigan Council’s Digital Team are also on hand to support you throughout your project delivery, including help to develop your evaluation and build digital evaluation surveys.

What devices can you borrow?

There are two types of devices available:

  • Samsung Tab A7
  • iPad Air.

The tablets are all 4G, so you can use the internet without needing access to Wi-Fi. We’ve already paid for the data so there’s no cost to you.

How to request a tablet device

To refer a known adult for a tablet device or request tablets for a project you will need to complete our online form:

How long can you borrow a device?

  • Tablet devices can be borrowed for up to 3 months.

The borrowing period can be extended subject to demand.

Is there digital support available for tablet borrowers?

Wigan Council’s Digital Team are available to train your staff and volunteers to become TechMates. Please email if you are interested in this service.

You can also request digital support from TechMates on behalf of the borrower. TechMates is a digital mentor service run by our volunteers and council staff. Alternatively, you can signpost to one of our TechMate Tea Parties taking place across the borough. TechMate Tea Parties are a free drop-in session for anyone looking for support with basic digital skills. Ideal for beginners!

Organisations are also given simple 'Welcome Packs' with an introduction and helpful learning resources to hand out alongside the tablet devices.

We also highly recommend borrowers use the following online learning resources:

Protecting your information

When you receive the tablet, it will have no previous data stored on it, just like receiving a new tablet. On returning the device, all data is erased and the device is reset to protect users’ information.

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