You must have authorisation from us to show, demonstrate or perform a hypnotism act in public. 

Meaning of hypnotism

Hypnotism includes hypnosis, mesmerism and any similar act or process which produces any form of induced sleep which increases susceptibility of the mind in another person.

This does not include hypnotism, mesmerism or any similar act which is self-induced.

Application process

Applications should be submitted at least 30 days before the performance.  However, we will only grant your application if you can demonstrate compliance with our conditions.

We will contact you within 14 days after receiving your application and expect to let you know our decision within 30 days. 

Will Tacit Consent Apply?

Yes. If you have not heard from us by the end of the 30-day period you can act as though your application has been granted. However you are advised to contact us to confirm your application has been granted.

Failed application redress

Please contact us in the first instance

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