Hairdressers and Barbers

To own or run a hairdressing or barbers business in Wigan Borough, you need to register under the Greater Manchester Act 1981.

Public register

There is no legal requirement for us to keep a public register. Please contact us if you want to know whether a hairdressers or barbers is registered.

How to apply

There is no fee for this application. We will write to you to confirm your application and issue a certificate of registration.

This registration is valid until you cancel it or the business ceases to exist.

Once a registration has been issued you must comply with the appropriate byelaws. As a legal requirement, you must prominently display a copy of your certificate and the byelaws on the premises.

How long will my application take?

We aim to determine applications within 28 days from receipt of a completed application.

Will Tacit Consent apply?

Yes, you can act as though your application has been granted if you do not hear from us within a reasonable period. However you are advised to contact us to confirm your registration has been granted.


Please contact us in the first instance.

Change of Circumstances

You must notify us of any change of circumstances in relation to your registration. This includes the surrendering of a registration.

What happens if you do not comply?

You may be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of no more than £200.

COVID-19 guidance

All businesses and venues should follow COVID-secure guidelines to protect customers, visitors and workers.

Face coverings

  • Customers without a valid exemption must wear a face covering when entering your premises
  • All staff must wear a visor/goggles and a type II face mask when providing a service
  • Businesses must display a notice informing customer to wear a face covering on entry or advise customers when entering -  download a face cover poster to display in your premises

NHS Test and Trace

Collecting contact details and maintaining records for NHS Test and Trace is a legal requirement and failure to comply is punishable by a fine.

You must display an official NHS QR code poster at the entrance to your business, or at the point of service.

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