Permission granted or refused

Permission granted

Once permission has been granted for your works, it must be carried out according to the approved plans and the conditions attached to the permission. To discharge conditions attached to your permission you will need to make an application through iApply (external link).

If your plans change and you need to make any amendments you will need to re-submit your application through iApply (external link) for:

  • Minor, non-material amendments
  • Large, material amendments
  • To vary or remove conditions attached to your permission
  • To get building regulations consent for your works.

On receiving planning permission, you must find out if you require building regulations consent.

Permission refused - can I appeal?

If your planning permission is refused, you have the right to appeal. Only applicants or their agent can appeal a decision.

Appeals for householder applications must be made within 12 weeks. 

Appeals for the majority of other types of applications must be made within 6 months.


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