Apply for planning permission

If you have looked at do I need planning permission (external link) but are still confused you can fill out a do I require planning permission form.

When you are ready to apply you will need to do this through the Planning Portal (external link) not via the council website.

Using the Planning Portal

On the portal here's what you will need to do:

  • Go to the Planning Portal (external link) website
  • Type in your name and postcode
  • Select a form for the type of application you are making - for help choosing the right form see what types of application there are (external link)
  • Login or register on the portal
  • Complete the form with details about the work you want to do
  • Add supporting documents - like your site and location plans
  • Check your application
  • Your fee will be calculated and you can then pay online and submit your application.

Getting help with the Planning Portal

Unfortunately the council can't help you use the Planning Portal system.

If you have difficulties when using the portal:


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