Struggling to pay your Council Tax?

If you're finding it hard to pay your Council Tax you are not alone. Each year the council deals with enquiries from many people who find it hard to pay their bill.

The most important thing you can do is to tell us. We will help you where we can by:

  • Reducing what you need to pay by seeing if you qualify for discounts, exemptions, and benefits
  • Agreeing an affordable payment arrangement
  • Providing access to welfare support, welfare rights and advice.

If you try to ignore the situation it will only get worse.

How we can help you

We may be able to support you by reviewing your income and expenditure details to:

  • Agree an affordable payment plan
  • Change an existing payment plan.

To do this you will need to complete our online form:

Providing these details will enable us to consider your eligibility for other support and ensure we can help you maximise your income.

What other support is available?

Discounts and exemptions

You may qualify for a discount or exemption based on your circumstances or the situation of your property or other adults living with you.

Benefits and grants

If you are on a low income you may qualify for help towards rent and Council Tax via the following:

Get an estimated assessment with our online calculator.

Already receive some Housing Benefit or Universal Credit? If it's not enough to cover all your rent, you may qualify for extra support through: 

Find out more about about the benefits and reductions available, including Free School Meals.

Welfare rights, support and debt advice

Our Welfare Rights Team can offer:

  • Advice and support on a range of welfare benefits
  • Help with completing claim forms, including Personal Independence Payment, Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance forms
  • Guidance and support when making appeals
  • Referrals to Citizens Advice Bureau if you need debt or money advice.

If you find yourself in crisis, our Welfare Support Team can provide help with:

  • Food parcels
  • Emergency gas and electric vouchers
  • Furniture packages.

Find out more about the local welfare support available.

Please note that we do not make cash payments or pay out crisis loans.

For more information on managing your money, visit our money advice pages.

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