Religious ceremonies

If you are having a marriage or civil ceremony in a Church of England, Church in Wales, or any other denomination Church or religious building, you should first speak to the vicar or person responsible for marriage at that building. You may be asked to give notice at your local register office.

Reading of banns

Banns is a notice read out in church to announce an intended marriage and give the opportunity for objections.

It is usual for the banns to be read by the vicar at a Church of England or Church in Wales without the need for a notice of marriage to be giving at your local register office.

However, in some circumstances, the vicar may not read the banns and ask you to obtain a certificate from the register office – see giving notice of marriage.

Do not book a notice of marriage unless the vicar has specifically requested that you obtain a civil certificate and has provided written proof of this request.

Other religious buildings

All other religious buildings (other than Church of England or Church in Wales) will require permission for the marriage to take place from your local register office. To obtain this you must give a notice of marriage.

Some religious buildings require the attendance of a registrar at the ceremony. Please ask the person responsible at the building for advice.

If you are being married in a religious building (other than Church of England or Church in Wales), that is not within the district in which either of you live, then the religious building must be the usual place of worship of one of the parties being married in order to have the ceremony there.

A same sex marriage can only take place in a religious building if the religious organisation has ‘opted in’ to hold them and the minister agrees. Please contact the local vicar or parish administrator for further information.

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