Weddings with a difference

Our wedding with a difference package gives you the freedom to have your own unique ceremony in the location of your choice.

Your Venue - Your Choice

A boat, a marquee, a garden in the open air, BBQs, alcoholic drinks, pets - to include all these things is restricted by law. However, with our Weddings with a difference package we can offer a ceremony that covers the legalities, along with a bespoke ceremony written especially for you in the venue of your choosing.

If you're a couple that likes to be different and would prefer to hold your ceremony in a venue that by law could not be approved for ceremonies, with the option of writing and personalising your own ceremony, then this is the package for you.

We will arrange a legal ceremony on the day of your choice to be held in The Wiend Suite at Wigan Life Centre. This will then be followed by your own bespoke ceremony at a venue hand-picked by you. Our experienced celebrants will be on hand throughout to discuss your wishes and help you develop a unique ceremony. Whether it’s traditional, vintage, quirky or modern, the choice is completely yours.

What does the package include?

You choose the content and design, we look after the legal stuff, like arranging the legal ceremony and helping you build your tailor made package, which will include:

  • The booking fee to reserve the dates and times for both ceremonies
  • A legal ceremony at Wigan Life Centre on a day of your choice
  • A celebrant to guide you through the whole process
  • If applicable, a visit by our staff to ensure the setting is safe
  • Your unique ceremony conducted by your celebrant.

What is not included?

By law, you need to give notice of your intention to marry / form a civil partnership.

How much will it cost?

How to book

If you're a couple who want something different, get in touch with us and we’ll help you create the ceremony of your dreams in the location of your choosing.

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