Terms and conditions - Ceremony bookings

The following terms and conditions apply to all ceremony bookings made.

When booking your ceremony with our service you are agreeing to accept the terms and conditions.

Registrar fees

This is the fee for your ceremony and is set annually by Wigan Council. Fees are subject to change on the 1st April each year. As we take bookings up to 3 years in advance, if 1st April falls between the time of booking and the date of your ceremony we reserve the right to pass on any future fee increases to you, unless you have paid the outstanding balance.

If you are having a ceremony in either of our Council owned ceremony rooms, the fee includes the hire of the room and the registrars attendance.

For ceremonies taking place in one of our approved venues, you will be required to pay the venue directly for the hire of the room in addition to the registrar’s attendance fee, which is paid separately to Wigan Council Registrars.

Late start

We are clear that you must not be late to your ceremony. No refund will be made in these circumstances.

Amending your ceremony

If you decide to change the time, date or venue of your ceremony, you will incur an amendment charge.  Please refer to our Ceremony fees page for details of our amendment charges.  Please note, you will be charged for each change made.

Please complete a ceremony amendment form to request changes to your ceremony.

Cancelling a ceremony

If you need to cancel your ceremony with us for any reason, we have a detailed cancellation policy which will determine whether you are entitled to a refund of all or part of your fee.

This is dependent on the fees you have already paid and how far in advance you notify us of the cancellation.

Payments will be refunded to the original payee and will depend on the amount of notice given:

  • Three calendar months or more - 80% refund
  • Two to three calendar months - 50% refund
  • Less than two calendar months (or failure to cancel) or due to circumstances beyond the control of the authority which deem it necessary for the ceremony not to go ahead - no refund.

If you wish to cancel your ceremony, please complete a ceremony cancellation form.  Please ensure you provide the email address which you used to make your original ceremony booking.

The registration service reserves the right to review and amend all terms and conditions at their discretion.

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