Apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

New claim

These two forms are for new claims only. Use them if you are NOT receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax reduction already.

Please note the forms are not mobile responsive and will need to be completed on a PC.

Already receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax reduction?

If you already receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax reduction and just want to tell us about a change in your circumstances see:

Forms to give us more information
Application formDescription
Backdate request We usually only pay benefit from the time you apply. However, under certain circumstances we can go back for a maximum of 1 month (effective from 1st April 2016)
Child Care Costs If you pay for childcare from a registered provider, you may be able to get more help towards your rent and/or Council Tax 
Self Employed If you work for yourself you will need to provide your latest profit and loss accounts or complete this form
Discretionary Housing Payment  
Local Housing Allowance (rent arrears)  
Local Housing Allowance (payments to landlord)  
Property Interest Form If you own a property, we may have asked you to provide some information to help us assess your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

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