Article 4 direction - Changes to houses in multiple occupation

On 20 January 2020 an article 4 direction that removes permitted development rights for changes of use from individual dwellinghouses to small houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) came into effect in Swinley and central Leigh.

This means that all HMOs, regardless of size, need planning permission in those two areas.

The legal details can be viewed in the Article 4 direction.

Changes of use from dwellings to smaller HMOs outside of these two areas remains as permitted development and planning permission is not needed.

All HMOs of five or more people are subject to mandatory licensing. This applies regardless of whether they are in areas subject to an article 4 direction.

HMO Guidance

The Council has produced guidance on Houses in Multiple Occupation to better manage the provision of HMOs, improve the standards of accommodation provided and reduce detrimental impacts on neighbours. It assists in the interpretation of policies within the adopted development plan and sets out guidance and good practice for planning applicants to enable the delivery of better planning outcomes.

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