Article 4 direction - Changes to houses in multiple occupation

The Council has confirmed the introduction of an article 4 direction that will remove permitted development rights for changes of use from individual dwelling houses to small houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) in Swinley and central Leigh.

This will come into effect from Monday 20th January 2020.

What does this mean?

This does not mean that HMOs will no longer be allowed in Swinley and central Leigh. It simply means that, regardless of size, they will require planning permission. Until 20th January 2020, planning permission is only required for changes of use to large HMOs of 7 or more people.

Changes of use from dwellings to small HMOs outside of these two areas will remain as permitted development and will not require planning permission.

All HMOs of more than five people within the borough are subject to mandatory licensing. This applies regardless of whether they are in areas subject to article 4 directions.

New HMO guidance

We are producing a supplementary planning document for applicants and council officers to help them better understand HMO policies. This will be consulted on in 2020.

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