Allocations and Development Management Local Plan

Work on the Wigan Allocations and Development Management Local Plan is on-hold pending substantial progress on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF). We will return to the Allocations Plan at an appropriate time and roll forward the end date from 2026 to 2035, in line with the GMSF.


We consulted on the Initial Draft Plan (external link) from 13 October to 15 December 2015.

From that web link you can view all of the draft policies and draft policies map. You can also view the comments that were submitted against each policy or site.

Background documents

You can also view various background documents to the plan.

Previous consultation

We consulted on what the plan ought to contain and what the key issues it needs to address are in late 2013. You can view the key issues and the consultation report from that time, together with a consultation index of all the engagement activity that took place then through to the consultation on the Initial Draft Plan.


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