Graduated Approach for children with SEND

A child has a special educational need if they are likely to have a learning difficulty or disability that calls for special educational provision when they reach compulsory school age. Special educational provision means educational provision of any kind.

Wigan Early Years Graduated Approach below is a child centred approach to supporting children with SEND, involving parents and carers through each of the stages. The stages describe the Universal, Focused, Specific and Intensive approach early years providers are to follow.

The following documents are to support you as part of the Graduated Approach.

Portage - a home teaching service

Portage is a home teaching service for young children who have an additional need. It supports children’s development by helping parents and children to learn together.

Portage helps parents and children play and learn together in their home through regular home visits; this involves planning for family focus time, child led play and structured teaching activities.

Portage groups are also available, which are set up in a nursery like environment, providing opportunities for families to network and plan for their child’s transition into an early years provision.


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