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Long term conditions scheme

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Our long term conditions team aims to support people in our communities to manage their health and wellbeing. Through a programme of physical activity, we help to improve quality of life, independence, and confidence.

We work closely with NHS professionals, GPs and other local organisations as part of a wider offer and support network for residents in our borough. We can also connect you to other health improvement services and community / support groups.

What do we offer?

We feel that your current health situation should place no limitations on what you can do. Our team of specialist instructors will support and guide you so you feel confident in accessing our wide range of activities across our Be Well programme. These include:

  • Various activities at our leisure centres and green spaces
  • Tailored gym programmes
  • Organised health walks and cycle rides
  • Support with home-based activities.

Specialist support

If you require a more structured programme of activity, we have a wide range of specialised classes across all our leisure sites. We work closely with our clinical partners to provide tailored support, including:

  • Pain management classes including water-based therapy
  • Cardiac rehabilitation classes
  • Stroke rehabilitation classes
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation classes
  • Cancer rehabilitation classes

All activities last around 60 minutes and prices start from £3.80.

Our specialist instructors will support you throughout your time and stay in regular contact with you.

Digital support

Our offer can also be accessed digitally through our Be Well app and we can provide digital support through our TechMates service.

Who can access the long term conditions scheme?

The programme is open to people who:

  • Want to get active
  • Are over the age of 16
  • Have a stable health condition.

How do I join the long term conditions scheme?

If you would like to find out more about the programme or if you know of a friend or relative that you think would benefit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To do this, you can:

If you need further advice or have any questions, you can contact the wellbeing team.


If you are a professional and would like to refer someone for support you can complete our online form below or call 01942 488481.

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