Trees, woodlands and hedges


Trees and woodlands which contribute to the local environment can be protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Trees in conservation areas have similar protection.

It is against the law to cut down or damage a protected tree.

You must give us notice and complete an application form if you plan to carry out any works to trees or woodland covered by a TPO.

For trees in conservation areas, we must be given at least six weeks notice.

For information on how to identify, report, prevent and minimise the introduction, spread and impacts of tree pests and diseases in the UK, you can visit:


Hedges are protected if they are at least 20 metres in length, more than 30 years old and contain certain plant species. It is against the law to remove or destroy such a hedgerow without permission from the council.

Report a tree or hedge problem on council owned land

You can report a tree problem on council owned land including dead trees, fallen trees and roots causing damage to surrounding infrastructure.

You can also report hedges, bushes and trees which overhang onto the highway and pose a risk to motorists and pedestrians.

  • To report tree issues on council owned land or hedges/bushes/trees that overhang onto the highway,  login or register for MyAccount and select 'Report It'.

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