How to deal with high hedges

If you're having issues with high hedges, your first port of call for advice and information is the:

If you have tried all the options listed in this guidance and have still not resolved your dispute, you can report the issue to us.

We will not negotiate between the complainant and the hedge owner, but will decide whether the hedge affects the complainant's enjoyment of their property.

Protected hedges

Hedges are protected if they are at least 20 metres in length, more than 30 years old and contain certain plant species.

It is against the law to remove or destroy such a hedgerow without permission from the council.

Report a hedge or tree problem on council owned land

You can report a hedge or tree problem on council owned land to us via Report it. Issues include:

  • Dead trees, fallen trees and roots causing damage to surrounding infrastructure
  • Trees that are blocking drains
  • Overhanging hedges, bushes and trees which are obstructing the highway, road, footpath or cycleway and pose a risk to motorists and pedestrians.

You can report hedges, bushes and trees that overhang onto the highway as a Wigan Borough resident through MyAccount or as an unregistered user..

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