M58 link road

The M58 link road will alleviate traffic on Ormskirk Road (A577) which is one of Wigan borough’s busiest routes, promoting east to west connectivity and improving air quality. The new road is an extension of the existing Leopold Street.

We’ll be connecting the M58/M6 motorway junction through to Billinge Road and on to Pemberton Business Park, where it will connect to the existing roundabout at Smithy Brook Road.

It will be a single carriageway with a 30mph speed limit and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

When will work start?

Planning approval for the new road was granted on 24th May 2018.

The planning documentation is available to view online using the Council’s planning applications enquiries system.

You can also view the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), Side Roads Order (SRO) and associated documents.

When could the road be built?

Detailed construction proposals are to be developed throughout 2020 / 2021.

If there are opportunities to carry out works in advance of the main contract, such as utility diversions or vegetation clearance, then these will be considered and carefully planned.

Who is funding it?

Funding for the scheme will come from a combination of public and private sector finances, including Greater Manchester Local Growth Deal funding.

Will the road impact our environment?

The road will follow natural contours to minimise effects and we have taken steps to include landscaping to reduce visual intrusion. The road is subject to a full Environmental Impact Assessment and we are working with our partners to ensure our greenspaces are protected as much as possible.

A full ecological mitigation strategy will also be implemented as part of the works to conserve and enhance wildlife and their habitats.

Have your say

Between June and July 2021 we carried out public engagement on our proposals to submit a supplementary planning application to create a new highway junction and bridge structure at the junction of Billinge Road to facilitate the M58 Link Road.

We wanted to raise awareness and give local residents and businesses the opportunity to have their say on the proposals prior to a formal planning application submission following distribution of an M58 Link Road Scheme information leaflet.

On the 28 July 2021 residents and businesses were invited to attend a virtual engagement session offering the opportunity to raise any comments and concerns.

Now the engagement period has closed, we have reviewed all correspondence and comments received and collated your responses. These can be viewed below:


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