Road schemes

Investing in our roads

Our economy is growing and it’s important that we have the right connections in place to support this growth. With more traffic on our roads than ever before, we need to improve our connectivity across the borough so local people have access to jobs and opportunities.

We also want to alleviate traffic on some of the borough’s busiest routes, reduce congestion and improve journey times for local people. 

A49 link road

The A49 link road will alleviate traffic on Poolstock and provide an alternative route for commuters and residents travelling into Wigan town centre.

The road has already been granted permission to be built and the design has been completed. Work is due to start on site in Autumn 2018 and the road completed in Spring 2020.

M58 link road

The M58 link road will alleviate traffic on Ormskirk Road (A577) which is one of Wigan borough’s busiest routes. The new road is an extension of the existing Leopold Street.

The plans are still in the early stages and there are lots of steps to go through before work can start. With that in mind, it's estimated work will begin on site in 2020 and the road completed in 2021.

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