Report a problem with traffic lights

Problems with permanent traffic lights

All permanent traffic signals are maintained by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

If there are problems with fixed existing traffic signals, then please report this to TfGM.

To report a problem with permanent traffic lights, you will need the following information:

  • The location of the traffic lights (if a junction provide the names of at least two of the roads)
  • Type of problem (signals not working, including lamps out, timings causing queues and delays)
  • Description of the problem (provide as much detail as possible. If related to timings please specify which road)
  • Time of day and date of problem.

Problems with temporary traffic lights

Temporary traffic signals are mainly used by statutory undertakers, to safely control the flow of traffic, when work reducing the available road space is carried out. It is the responsibility of the works undertaker, to manage the temporary traffic signals. 

If you notice that a set of temporary traffic signals:

  • Aren’t working or that a lamp has failed
  • Are causing excessive traffic delays by changing too quickly or not quickly enough
  • Have been knocked over, moved, stolen or vandalised.

Works will have an information board displayed near the temporary traffic lights, with a telephone phone number to report any faults or problems.

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