Obstructions on roads and pavements

Obstructions on roads and pavements come in many shapes and sizes, most common include skips, overhanging branches and 'A' boards.

How do I report parking issues?

You can report parking issues as a Wigan Borough resident through MyAccount or as an unregistered user.

How do I report trees, overhanging branches and hedges?

You can report trees, overhanging branches and hedges as a Wigan Borough resident through MyAccount or as an unregistered user.

Building materials

Permission from the council is needed if you are planning to leave building materials on the highway. It is an offence to mix mortar or cement anywhere on roads, verges and pavements without first protecting them with a board or similar. It is also an offence to wash the remaining materials onto the road and into a grid, which could then become blocked.

A permit from the council is needed if a builders' skip is to be left on the road, grass verge, pavement or back passageway. Any form of scaffolding or hoarding affecting the highway also needs a permit.

Advertising and sandwich boards

Free-standing 'A' boards usually put out on the pavement to advertise are illegal on the public highway. They obstruct visually-impaired and disabled people, the elderly and people with prams. They can also obscure young children who are trying to cross the road.

The council is always trying to keep pavements clear of such obstructions. If you have difficulty in passing, a quiet word with the shopkeeper may help.

However, if you know of any obstruction which the shopkeeper won't move, please contact us.

Advertising on street furniture

Advertising signs fixed to lamp posts or signs may be illegal. Please help us by informing us of any such adverts.

Overhanging branches

Hedges, bushes and trees which overhang onto the highway, can be a real danger to motorists and pedestrians. They can block visibility at junctions, obscure street lights, injure pedestrians and force them into the roadway.

Landowners and householders have a duty to cut back any overhanging bushes and hedges. If you experience difficulties, you could speak to the owner who may not be aware of the problem. Alternatively, please contact us.

Parked vehicles

The parking of vehicles on the footway is a danger to pedestrians, it also constitutes obstruction on the highway and can lead to damage, which are both offences and should be reported to Greater Manchester Police.

It is an offence for motorists to drive a vehicle across a pavement or verge, unless they have a proper crossing or driveway from the road.

It is also an offence to park across a dropped kerb, which results in a resident being unable to drive on/off their drive.

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