Vans / HGV parking

If a van or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is parked on the public highway, and there are no waiting restrictions, i.e. yellow lines, the council have no enforcement powers to take action.

Where there are no waiting restrictions, and the van/HGV is causing a genuine obstruction, enforcement can only be carried out by the police.

If the HGVs are over 7.5 tonnes they require an operator’s licence which states that the vehicle should be garaged overnight either at its operating centre, as a visitor to another operating centre, or at an approved lorry park.

What action can I take?

If you experience problems with HGVs parking overnight on the highway you can contact the traffic manager of the company (details of which are usually displayed on the cab door of the vehicle) with the following:

  • Nature of the complaint
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Time and dates that it parks.

Alternatively, you can contact the North Western Traffic Commissioner:

  • Call 0870 606 0440
  • Address: Suite 4, Stone Cross Place, Stone Cross Lane, Golborne, Warrington WA3 2SH

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