Pavement and grass verge parking

Councils can fine motorists for parking on pavements (footway) or grass verges if they have parked in an area with waiting restrictions i.e. yellow lines.

Where there are no waiting restrictions, and the car is causing an obstruction, enforcement can only be done by the Greater Manchester Police. We have no enforcement powers against pavement/verge parking where there are no restrictions.

Enforcement rules

If you're unsure about what is acceptable pavement parking and who to appeal to for enforcement action, view the following pictures illustrating the rules and who enforces them.


Warning leaflets

If you’re concerned about pavement parking or grass verge parking in your neighbourhood, you can print off our warning leaflets and use them to target the affected area. Wigan Council considers a vehicle parked on the footway to be an obstruction if the footway width is reduced to less than 1.2 metres. Leaflets should only be used in such circumstances.

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