Don't live in a Controlled Parking Zone?

Nobody has the right to park on the road outside their own home, although we fully sympathise with the desire to do so.

If your neighbourhood is not designated as a Controlled Parking Zone, the introduction of a resident parking permit scheme may be considered under special circumstances, where there is a high level of non-residents parking.

Unfortunately, this does not guarantee a space on the highway or a right to park outside your own home. This constitutes an additional service, provided at the Councils’ discretion, and residents have to agree to meet the full cost of providing the service.

The cost includes the issuing of permits, signing, enforcement and administration of the scheme.

What are the requirements?

To introduce a resident parking permit scheme, more than 80 percent of available parking spaces must be occupied on the highway throughout the day, with 60 per cent or greater occupied by non-residents.

We do not introduce schemes for individual streets - resident parking schemes cover a zone with dozens of streets included. This ensures the parking problem does not just move to the next street and reduces the cost of the scheme.

If you believe the streets in your neighbourhood meets this criteria then apply below and we will consider your request.

  • Name
  • Address to be assessed for the introduction of a resident parking permit scheme

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