Parent carers

Am I a parent carer?

A parent carer provides care to a child who needs additional support.

Parent carers are less likely to see themselves as carers. Other people, including some professionals, may also be less likely to recognise parent carers.

Although being a parent is always the first and most important relationship parent carers will have with their children, it's also important that they're recognised as carers and are provided with additional practical and emotional support. By identifying as a parent carer, parent carers are more likely to seek and be offered support.

Where can I get support?

Take a look below for a range of support, advice and information available for parent carers.

To find out about assessments for children and their families you can call our Children’s Social Care Team on 01942 828300. 

Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre

Wigan and Leigh Carers Service (external link) are our partners who provide advice and support to carers, including parent carers. They have a wealth of experience and will be able to talk you through what support is available for you and your family.

Local Offer

The Local Offer is a dedicated area of our website, providing a wide range of information, support, advice and training for parents / carers of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). You can find the following:

Wigan Parent Carer Forum (WPCF)

Wigan Parent Carer Forum are an independent group of parent carers of children and young people who have SEND and live in Wigan Borough. They work with Wigan Council to reflect the needs of parent carers and impact change on SEND services

To find out more you can:


Embrace is a user-led charity dedicated to providing information, advice and support to people with disabilities and their families. To find out more you can:

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