Autism awareness training for parent/carers

Coronavirus (COVID-19) → Autism Awareness training unavailable

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to offer any face to face parent/carer training sessions. 

We are in the process of putting together a virtual training offer for parents/carers of children with autism. Keep checking this page for further updates or visit the Wigan Parent Carer Forum Facebook page (external link).

We offer a range of free training and support sessions aimed at parents and carers whose children have received an autism diagnosis.

These courses allow you to explore all aspects of autism, behaviour and development, while giving you the opportunity to meet other parents, share ideas and problem solve.

Understanding autism - one day course

Who's it for? Parents/carers who have a child or young person with a diagnosis of autism.

This course runs every 6 weeks and aims to:

  • Improve understanding of autism - Exploring how the child experiences the world and what underlies behaviour and development
  • Improve communication between the parent and the child by changing the way parents/carers communicate
  • Demonstrate how to analyse and understand the child’s behaviour using visual structure to prevent problems and encourage appropriate behaviour.

Early Bird

Who's it for? Parents/carers who have a child with a diagnosis of autism aged 5 years and under.

The course is delivered over a period of eleven weeks, consisting of 8 weeks training and 3 home visit weeks. A follow-up session is held three months after the course. Early Bird aims to:

  • Support parents/carers in the period between diagnosis and school placement by helping them to establish good practice in handling their child at an early age
  • Improve understanding of autism and help parents/carers make contact
  • Find ways to develop interaction and communication between parent and child
  • Show parents/carers how to analyse and understand their child’s behaviours and how to use structure, so they can pre-empt and cope with problem behaviours.

Early Bird Plus

Who's it for? Parents/carers whose child has received a diagnosis of autism and is aged 4-8 years and in Early Years or Key Stage One provision.

The course consists of eight group sessions and two home visit weeks. A follow-up session is held six months after the course. Early Bird Plus aims to:

  • Address the needs of both home and school settings by training parents/carers together with a professional who is working regularly with their child so that the child is given consistent support
  • Build both parents/carers and professionals’ confidence and encourage them to problem solve together. 

6 Week Autism Parent Programme

Who's it for? Parents/carers who have a child or young person with a diagnosis of autism.

The course offers a 6 week in depth look at all aspects of autism. Each week a different topic area is covered, including understanding autism, communication and sensory processing.

The sessions are split into 2 age categories: 5-11 years and 11-16 years.

Monthly drop in sessions / coffee morning

Who's it for? Parents/carers who have a child or young person with a diagnosis of autism. This is an informal opportunity to come along and meet other parents and networks of support in Wigan. There is no need to book.

When / where? Third Tuesday of every month, 10am - 12pm, various locations across the borough.


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