Abandoned bins

A bin is classed as abandoned when it is left out on the street for a period of time after the scheduled collection day. 

All bins should be back within the curtilage (or alley-gated area) by midnight on the day of their collection or you could face possible fines in the future. 

Abandoned bins are at risk of:

  • Being set on fire, which is a danger to you and your property
  • Being stolen or vandalised
  • Having waste dumped in them
  • Attracting vermin.

Report an abandoned bin

There are 2 ways to report an abandoned bin:

When reported, bins that continue to be left out or have been abandoned will be inspected by the Council and appropriate action will be taken.

Please be aware that the bins we supply to Wigan residents remain the property of Wigan Council and may be removed if deemed necessary.

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