Wigan Unitary Development Plan

The Wigan Unitary Development Plan was adopted by the council as its local plan in April 2006. It was the single local plan for the borough. It includes written policies and a proposal map showing land use allocations and designations. However, many policies have now been replaced by policies in other plans as set out below.

It still includes remaining policies on green belt and safeguarded land, employment, housing, environment, accessibility, shopping and centres and community facilities.

The policies are contained within a written statement. The land use allocations and designations are shown on a related proposals map.  Both the written statement and policies map can be viewed online. Please note however that many policies shown through that link no longer apply, as set out below. You can also see and download a version of the written statement showing only the remaining policies that are currently in force. In addition, other allocations and designations have been added to the policies map.

  • Many policies have been replaced by policies in the Local Plan Core Strategy
  • Policies MW1 and MW1A to MW1F on minerals working have been replaced by policies in the Greater Manchester Joint Minerals Plan
  • Policies WM1 and WM1A to WM1C on waste management have been replaced by policies in the Greater Manchester Joint Waste Plan
  • Policy EM1F on the former Maypole Colliery and policies R1 and R1A on housing have not been ‘saved’ for some time as they were out-of-date.
  • The housing commitments shown on the policies map have been removed as they are outdated.

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