Greater Manchester Joint Waste Plan

The Greater Manchester Joint Waste Plan forms part of the local plan for Wigan Borough (as far as it applies). It was finalised and came into force in April 2012.

It sets out polices to guide future waste development and identifies sites and areas suitable for the location of waste development across Greater Manchester to 2027.

Within Wigan Borough it:

  • Allocates one site specifically for waste management uses, at Makerfield Way, Ince (ref: W4 CA)
  • Identifies three areas which are considered suitable locations for a range of waste management uses, at Miry Lane Employment Area (ref: W1a), Ince Moss Junction Sidings and Cemetery Road (ref: W8a) and Martland Park, Wigan (ref: W13a)
  • Identifies one residual waste disposal site, at Whitehead Landfill, Astley (ref: W21).

These sites and areas are shown on the policies map for the borough.

  • Authority monitoring report 2019-2020 - The monitoring report covers the period 2019/20 and collates information to allow for the assessment of the performance of planning policies within the Joint Waste Plan.

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