Integrated Assessment

The council has a statutory obligation to carry out a sustainability appraisal of all plans and policies.

For the Wigan Allocations and Development Management Local Plan, an Integrated Assessment is being undertaken. The Integrated Assessment includes elements of an Equality Impact Assessment and Health Impact Assessment as well as a Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment. This integrated approach assesses the impact of the Plan on social, economic, environmental, health and equality objectives.

The Integrated Assessment explains how the preferred sites and policies were chosen and reports the outcome of the assessment of all of the options considered. The overall impact of the policies is positive and all sites to be allocated are considered to be sustainable.

If you have any comments on the Integrated Assessment, please make them through the dedicated chapter in the Allocations Plan, or against the policy concerned.

It is prepared in the context of the Sustainability Appraisal undertaken for the Wigan Local Plan Core Strategy.


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