Wigan Strategic Housing Market Assessment

We consulted on our draft Wigan Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) in late 2015.

This gave us a detailed analysis of the local housing market in terms of Wigan’s location within Greater Manchester and the North West, and looked in detail at both national and local issues that will influence the direction of the future housing market in the borough to 2026.

However, the draft assessment has not progressed into a final version. This was mainly due to work commencing on a Greater Manchester SHMA, which was published as an initial draft in 2016 to inform the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. This identifies Wigan as part of the Greater Manchester housing market area and assesses housing needs to 2035.

The Greater Manchester SHMA is currently being updated and is scheduled to be published alongside the next draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework in July.

You can contact us if you would like a copy of the Council’s draft 2015 Strategic Housing Market Assessment.


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