Service Standards - Regulation Services

Regulation Services are committed to providing quality, efficient and professional services that meet the needs of residents and local businesses in the following areas:

We have a number of priorities and our aims are to:

  • Protect the public, businesses and the environment from harm
  • Support the local economy to grow and prosper.

We will publish a range of information about our performance so that you can see how we are doing.

Our standards

These are the standards of service that you can expect and will receive in all your dealings with us. Our officers will:

  • Be professional, courteous and polite
  • Deal with matters promptly, providing a response or acknowledgement within 10 working days
  • Announce themselves on arrival at premises, and show ID, except where it would impede the purpose of the visit
  • Explain the reason and purpose of the visit
  • Provide their contact details to you
  • Provide clear advice that can be easily understood and implemented
  • Confirm verbal advice in writing when requested or when appropriate to do so
  • Provide details of how to discuss any concerns you may have
  • Where any corrective action is required, provide an explanation as what is necessary, why it is necessary and over what timescale it is required
  • Where non compliance may result in further enforcement action, and wherever possible, discuss the matter further with the individual or business concerned
  • Ensure that you are kept informed of progress on any outstanding issues
  • Distinguish legal requirements from suggested good practice.

Working with businesses

For help and guidance on regulation see our business regulatory advice and guidance page

We will:

  • Carry out all our activities in a way that supports businesses to comply and grow
  • Ensure that information, guidance and advice is available (in a range of formats) to help businesses to meet legal requirements
  • Provide individual advice specific to your business (charges may apply but you will be advised before the service is provided)
  • Carry out inspections, sampling, test purchases and investigations to check compliance with legal requirements, targeting those where we believe they are most needed
  • Follow the Home Office Code of Practice on use of Powers of Entry and so will give you notice that we intend to visit in appropriate cases.  However, unannounced visits may still be carried out to gain a true assessment of your business practices
  • Deal proportionately with breaches of the law as set out in our enforcement policy, including taking firm enforcement action when necessary.  In situations where our decision/action can be appealed, we explain how to do this
  • Provide a range of services to businesses, including licences, registrations and permits, guidance materials, advisory visits, and training
  • Ensure our services are delivered in accordance with the requirements of the Regulators’ Code (external link)

Tell us about your experience

We need your input to make sure we are delivering the right services and would like to hear from you whether your experience of dealing with any of our services has been good or in need of improvement.

Any details you give us will be confidential.

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