Business regulatory advice and guidance

We recognise that small and medium sized enterprises have limited resources to understand and ensure they comply with requirements across the wide range of regulations which apply to them.

They are also less likely to be connected to other sources of help and education such as trade associations and insurance companies.

Lack of knowledge, understanding and experience in any businesses increases the risk of non compliance and unbudgeted cost.

Getting advice

Regulatory experts from the council are a dependable source of authoritative advice, information and guidance and can support local businesses to:

  • Identify and anticipate issues that can impact on a business
  • Obtain knowledge and support of how to remedy problems
  • Access the right level of support
  • Be confident they are meeting their regulatory obligations
  • Ensure regulatory compliance in a way that is affordable and proportionate to potential risks in the business

How to register

You can access general information and guidance for free on our website, however, we also offer more individual support:

  • Phone consultations - We provide free advice, up to one hour over the telephone for all businesses in the Borough. (This advice is available once per year). For additional advice we recommend a site meeting.
  • Advisory site meeting - This meeting provides detailed support for your business. The fee for this advice is chargeable at an hourly rate of £58.

Please register for the advice you require.

How to contact us

If you would like further information please complete the online business enquiry form.


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