Enforcement policy

One of the main functions of the Council is to act as a regulator and an enforcement agency for a large range of legal duties and powers applied by Acts of Parliament, and the Regulations and Orders made under them (including various byelaws).

The legislation which the Council is responsible for enforcing is extensive and cannot be listed here, but the following exemplify the range and diversity:

  • Education (school attendance, child employment);
  • Environmental Protection;
  • Finance (collection of local taxation and statutory fees);
  • Health and Safety;
  • Highways and Drainage;
  • Housing (mainly private sector);
  • Licensing;
  • Planning and Development Control (including Building Control);
  • Public Health (including Food Safety);
  • Social Services (inspection unit functions);
  • Trading Standards.

This policy sets out the standards and guidance that will be applied by the Council when acting in its role as regulator and enforcement agency across a range of its relevant legal powers and duties.

Policy document


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