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Licensing Policy Statement 2021-2026 →

Our current policy has now been revised and the draft statement is now subject to public consultation. Further information can be viewed on the Consultation webpages.

Section 5 of the Licensing Act 2003 requires us to prepare and publish a statement of licensing policy at least every 5 years.

This policy is intended to inform applicants and residents about the way in which Wigan Council will carry out its duties under the Act.

This policy covers the regulation of licensable activities on licensed premises, by qualifying clubs and at temporary events. The following are licensable activities:

  • Sale of alcohol to the public
  • Supply of alcohol to members of a club
  • Provision of regulated entertainment
  • Provision of late night refreshment (hot food and drink at any time between 11pm and 5am for consumption on or off the premises).

It also identifies how the Council, when carrying out its licensing duties, will seek to promote the 4 licensing objectives referred to in the Act, namely:

  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • Prevention of public nuisance
  • Protection of children from harm.

We hope that this policy provides practical guidance to local residents, visitors and businesses on alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment licensing issues in Wigan.

We want Wigan to be an attractive, accessible and lively borough offering safe, healthy and entertaining places for local residents and for visitors. In town centres we want entertainment and cultural venues that are well-managed, prosperous and add to the vibrancy of the borough.

We recognise that creating a vibrant night time economy is important for Wigan’s development, and that key to this is ensuring that the area appeals to a wide group of people, including families and older adults.

We also recognise the impacts that licensed premises can have on individuals and communities, and have therefore identified particular areas of Wigan Borough that are subject to a cumulative impact policy.

We have considered a range of evidence to help us understand the positive and negative impacts of alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment on our Borough, and as such have introduced a ‘framework’ of opening and closing times for premises.

We are confident that all of those involved in the licensing process will continue to work together in the spirit of co-operation, partnership and mutual understanding to ensure that we achieve the vision for our Borough.

Please contact the licensing team if you have any questions about this policy.

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