Junction Improvements

We are improving the junctions in our borough to improve capacity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Wigan to Standish Walking and Cycling Network – Phase 1

The scheme will provide safe crossing facilities to Wigan Town Centre with access to all the services located there, including bus and train stations, shops, and health and leisure facilities. This will give local residents the option to walk or cycle safely into town rather than driving.

This is a densely populated area of Wigan, with little or no provision for crossing busy roads, and access to the town centre from this area is difficult if you are walking or cycling.

Wigan Council hope to be awarded external funding from The Mayor’s Challenge Fund to improve the following three junctions, which will comprise the following:

  • Kenyon Road
    • Existing traffic signals upgraded to include full pedestrian crossing facilities.
    • Widened footways around the junction to provide more space for pedestrians
    • Bus stop repositioned away from the junction (towards Wigan Town Centre on Kenyon Road).
  • Spencer Road West
    • New Toucan crossing across Spencer Road West (between passageways from Dawson Avenue and Barnsley St).
  • Buckley Street
    • New ‘SHUTTLE’ traffic signals under Buckley St railway bridge
    • Widening of footways for shared pedestrian / cycleway under bridge (linking passageway from Back Buckley Street / Gillan Road and the path to Mesnes park)
    • Toucan crossing on Walkden Avenue, connecting Mesnes Park path with shared use facility.

Have your say!

In order to develop the scheme proposals, we consulted with the public between Monday 23rd August 2021 until Monday 20th September 2021.

Following feedback received we have made changes to our designs and updated the ‘You Said, We Will’ document which can be viewed below, along with the latest plans:

  • View the plans to see our proposals:

Section 106 Schemes

The Major Projects Team have received Section 106 funding to create safer junctions for all users, improve traffic flow and encourage more active travel.

Below is a list of schemes the team will be developing throughout the year. This page will be updated regularly as more information and plans become available to share.

Market Street Crossing

This scheme will upgrade the current zebra crossing on Market Street to a puffin crossing to enable safer crossing for pedestrians visiting Standish Town Centre.

Bradley Lane shuttle signals

This scheme will improve road safety by removing the existing conflict with two-way traffic under the bridge and enable pedestrians to walk under the bridge safely under traffic signal control.

Red Rock Canal Bridge signals

This scheme will upgrade the current traffic signals to enable the reduction of delays and potential accidents.

Mosley Common Road Junction Improvements

This scheme will deliver a new left turn lane to assist with traffic flow coming out of Mosley Common Road, to reduce congestion along this busy route.

Salford Council are delivering a scheme on the other arms of this junction, including new crossing points to make it much safer for pedestrians to negotiate the junction.

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