We are responsible for, and regularly inspect, over 372 of the borough's bridges, culverts and subways, as well as many of the retaining walls and footbridges which lie on public highways, rights of way or dismantled railways and are used as footpaths.

To ensure public safety we also have an interest in the condition of private bridges which carry the public highway or rights of way.

Report a problem

These walls may include highway retaining walls (these support the structure of a highway or fields above a highway), walls built as part of a council-maintained bridge, and walls providing a safety barrier, for example a steep drop on the other side.

We will inspect the bridge or wall in question immediately and repair as soon as is possible if it is owned by us. However as some bridges and retaining walls belong to private owners (e.g. Network Rail, Canal and River Trust, or adjoining landowners) we will pass on our findings so that they can resolve the issue.

Maintenance and inspection

We inspect all our structures every two years and inspect incidents of damage through traffic collision, storm damage or other causes as soon as possible.

We have assessed all our structures and are carrying out a strengthening and structural maintenance programme. Our regular maintenance programme includes:

  • Repointing and repairing brickwork
  • Repainting handrails and bridge beams
  • Repairing vandal/crash damage
  • Concrete repairs
  • Re-waterproofing a bridge deck
  • Replacing and upgrading bridge bearings, bridge joints and parapet railings

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