Transition from child to adult

Transition is a carefully planned process by which young people with health or social care needs move from children's services to adult services. 

Things you will be doing for the first time include:

  • Paying rent, Council Tax, energy bills and TV/Broadband
  • Buying your own food, cooking meals
  • Choosing and buying furniture for your home
  • Managing your own money, having your own bank account
  • Washing your clothes and cleaning your home

What can parents/carers do?

There are a number of things a parent/carer, friend or family member can do to help you move into supported living.

  • Find out about housing options, activities available in the area, transport links and whether they have a particular friend they’d like to live with
  • Encourage your child to think about what they want from the future, what’s important to them and ask siblings/friends who know them well about their interests and ambitions
  • Try to prompt rather than make decisions for them
  • Use circles of support with key people in your child's life, such as a group of friends who know them well and can meet with them regularly to help plan their future and achieve their goals. There are organisations that can help you set these up:

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