Homes to rent

Rent from Wigan Council

To rent a property from Wigan Council you will need to apply to join the housing register.

You can also work out how likely you are to be considered for some of our properties by finding out what your chances are.

If you are not classed as in 'urgent need' of housing we also make some of our properties available to applicants to rent which are around 20% cheaper than most privately rented properties in the area.

Rent from a housing association

To rent a property through one of the borough's housing associations (including new build properties) you can either apply to join the housing register or apply directly to the housing associations. You could apply to:

The council has nomination rights with housing associations, where we nominate applicants from the Housing Register for homes that become available for letting. You need to be on the Housing Register in order to be nominated for properties that become available.


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