Types of housing for older people

Across the borough there are homes designed specifically with older people in mind.

They help you keep your independence and privacy, while allowing you to enjoy security and extra facilities.

Most homes are usually a small community of bungalows, studios or apartments.

Most people who move into one of these homes are over 55, though some schemes will take people who are a bit younger.

Types of care homes and housing options
Sheltered accommodation Bungalows, apartments and studio flats where you can live on your own but with added security and support including communal areas, activities, a warden and 24 hour emergency call. Find sheltered accommodation
Extra care housing Similar to sheltered accommodation - Living on your own but with additional care and support on site 24 hours a day. Find extra care housing
Residential care home A room in a care home where you have access to communal areas and 24 hour personal care support. Find a residential care home (external link)
Residential nursing home Similar to residential care home but for those who are in need of 24 hour nursing care for medical needs. Find a residential nursing home (external link)
Supported living accommodation Help to live independently in a supported living property, adapted to your needs - you might only need help for a few hours a week or 24 hour support. Find supported living accommodation


You will be told more about the costs of each scheme when you apply. If you don’t have much money you might be able to get help through housing benefit.

Continue living in your existing home

You may not actually need to go into a care home if you can get additional care and support for living in your own home.


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