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The work of our care providers always makes a huge difference to lives, and never more so than in recent times.

We want you to be a voice for care and use the form below to:

  • Speak up about your experiences with care, or the experience of a loved one, a friend or neighbour, and the positive difference it has made
  • Speak out and raise your concerns or questions - perhaps you’re out and about and see something amiss, or someone you know is receiving care and something doesn’t feel right, please tell us.
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  • I am happy for Wigan Council to contact me using the above details regarding this matter
  • I am happy for Wigan Council to share this information with the care provider detailed above
  • I am happy for Wigan Council to share this information with other partners (eg. Police and other council contracted service providers) in the interests of the health and wellbeing of the person receiving care
  • I have permission from the person receiving care to share these details with you
  • I would prefer that than information supplied in this form is treated anonymously

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