Fair cost of care

Wigan Council is committed to ensuring high quality adult social care for our residents, supported by affordable and sustainable care fees.

In line with this approach and also as required under the Government’s Fair Cost of Care guidance, the Council has carried out a cost of care exercise with care providers to further understand the cost of providing care at home and in care homes within the Borough.

The fair cost of care exercise supports but does not replace the Council’s usual approach to setting care fees, where we engage with providers through a partnership and open book approach regarding costs and fee rates.

The reports explain how the exercise was carried out, how we worked with providers during the exercise, and the cost results.

Cost of care reports

Market Sustainability Plan

As part of the fair cost of care programme, Wigan Council is also required to undertake an assessment of the sustainability of the local care home and homecare market. This plan is included below.

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