Noise nuisance - residential

Noise nuisance in a residential area can impact on a person and affect their quality of life and enjoyment of their property. Other noise nuisances include:

What you can do

You could initially try contacting your neighbour yourself. Explain to them the noise that you are experiencing and how it is affecting you and ask if they could do something about it. In most instances they may not be aware they are causing you a problem.

However, if the problem continues you can report it to us.

Can we investigate?
What we can investigateWhat we cannot investigate
Dog barking Anonymous complaints
Loud music from neighbours Noise from unknown sources
Intruder alarms Day-to-day domestic noise (e.g. mowing, washing machines, vacuuming etc.)
Noise from TV and radio/sound systems Road traffic noise, railway noise or aircraft noise
Noise from DIY Emergency vehicles
Noise from musical instruments Ball games and children playing in the street
Noise from loud arguments Fireworks in the street

What we will do

In the first instance we will ask you to complete a noise diary detailing how and when you are being affected by the noise.

Once the diary form is returned to us we will contact the noise maker to make them aware that a complaint has been raised and we will provide advice on suitable noise control. If this is unsuccessful, we will need to carry out noise monitoring at your property to determine if a statutory nuisance exists.

If it is confirmed that a statutory nuisance exists, we have various legal powers to resolve the problem. This may include, serving enforcement notices on the person responsible for the noise nuisance, seizing equipment, and in some cases prosecution.

Taking private action

Private individuals can take their own action in the Magistrates' Court if they are aggrieved by the existence of a statutory nuisance. The Court can issue an Order requiring the abatement of the nuisance and can also issue a fine. Breach of this Order is punishable by a further fine.


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