Supporting music in the school curriculum

As part of the Greater Manchester Music Hub, we provide a link for schools in the borough to access regional and national news and developments in music education.

Schools are supported in the delivery of the National Curriculum for Music and the DFE National Plan for Music Education through a range of packages. These include:

  • CPD and PPA based curriculum music delivery from specialist music educators
  • Music in the Early Years (EYFS) through our ‘CHIME’ project
  • Whole class instrumental teaching - Free instrumental lessons for every Key Stage 2 child for a year
  • Let’s Sing! Our inspirational vocal project for Wigan Schools
  • GM Music Online – Our interactive teaching resources for schools provided by Charanga
  • A wide range of themed world music projects for schools
  • Bespoke support as required by school
  • Termly network meeting for school based music leads.

For further information, take a look at our brochure Cue Music.

Find information about how quality music education can benefit your school.

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